My 2 days at Democratic National Convention 2016. I was super excited about going to the convention. When I got the call from agent that I would be doing Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell I was so thrilled.

I have been doing Idinas hair for years and years. I actually did her holiday album cover and her performance for the super bowl in 2015.

I took the train down early Tuesday morning. Me and my makeup friend Julie Harris who I have known for Close to 20 years here in NYC.

Starbucks in hand I get on the train anticipating a fun full event. As we get on the train I am thinking that I am sitting in the direction that the train is going. I wasn't yuk. I often get motion sickness but this time I guess my excitement took over.

We get to Phili and head to the Ritz to get set up to do hair and makeup for Idina for her 1st event. While we are doing hair and makeup Idina is warming up. If you have never been around an amazing songstress while they are warming up it is magic. If you follow me on Snapchat you probably saw me being silly and lypsycing  to her warming up.  I like to have fun LOL

The event that she was performing at was the Nancy Pelouisi Woman's Conference. Again if you followed me on Snap you would have seen how incredible her performance was.  She sand 4 songs. From RENT, Wicked, Annie and of course he mega hit Let It Go! I cry every time (baby aww)

Before we went to the convention we decided we would go and get something to eat. The CNN restaurant is were we decided to go. You will not believe all the celebs that were there. David Scwimmer from friends, Ashley Judd , governor Cuomo, Billy Baldwin and so many more. Was so cool I felt like the in crowd.
Later that evening we went to the Wells Fargo Center to the DNC!!! What an amazing experience. All those people in one place feeling the love from every senator ,actress, etc and presidents! We got to see everything!

We didn't get back to the hotel until after 1am.

Day 2 was kinda nuts. Security at the DNC was off the chain because president Obama was going to be there so we had T get there very early to go thru security and work with secret service to clear everything. Bags checked 2-3 times, dogs and X-ray machines. It's was crazy!

Hair and makeup time. Did Idinas hair and Kristen Bell too! It was a really fun trip.

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